About BoB Candles

Right From when I first started working, as a treat to myself every month, I would buy a scented candle. Filling my room with a luxurious scent, I relished the warmth and relaxation this provided after a long, hard, day.

I explored many different options and was disappointed with smoke puffing wicks, black residue on walls and chemical scents. After doing some research, I learned about the polluting nature of paraffin waxes and the idea of burning anything other than a natural wax, teamed with the wonderful therapeutic effects of essential oils, really did seem pointless and even damaging.

I then went on to research the positive effects of essential oils, learning how to blend them, not only to smell divine but also to enhance the mood, bringing calm to hectic lives or strength and joy when its needed.

This was when B.o.B (Born of Bristol) Candles was created. I love to experiment with different scent combinations using a generous quantity of essential oils, so each candle evokes a certain mood and fills the room with an inviting, comforting and decadent scent.

Hand-poured in Bristol (England), fabulous essential oils which have been sourced locally are combined with a premium blend of natural waxes to create the ultimate candle experience. I hope you love them as much as I do.